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4-Day HD Video Crash Course  

May 2-5   $790 More Info  

2-Day Camera & Lighting Bootcamp 

May 2-3   $345  More Info

2-Day Final Cut Pro X Class 

May 4-5    $445 More Info


4-Day HD Video Crash Course

July 25-28 $790 More Info

2-Day Camera & Lighting Bootcamp         

July 25-26  $345  More Info

2-Day Final Cut Pro X Class                           

July 27-28   $445 More Info













Now on VIdeo

Lectures and examples now available on-demand Video

Please Click here to visit our Vimeo on-demand Page

Please click above image for more info and a Free Clip

Includes 20-minute DSLR VIDEO OVERVIEW



Sample includes:

  • How to film an interview
  • Understanding Negative Space
  • Correct framing
  • Best Microphones
  • How to use a lapel or Lavalier microphone
  • Intro to Zebras

Video Camera Essentials ON-DEMAND or on DVD

Click Below to watch 5 minute sample  


Many of the lectures from our Video Camera Bootcamp are included on this 95 minute DVD. Features 20 minute DSLR Overview.

$49.95 DVD   or click here to Learn via on-line Video

Aron Ranen is featured instructor on these Videos.  He spent three summers as Clint Eastwood's cameraman on Jazz Documentaries..Has received numerous Awards and Grants for his work, and is currently a Video Journalist with Reuters News Agency in Los Angeles.  Ranen's Corporate Clients include: Bank of America, Intuit, Google, Hewitt Associates, Equinix and others.

He has been teaching Video for over 15 Years.


Chapter One

Understanding the Buttons and Controls on most Video Cameras.

  • Exposure Controls
  • Zebras as a Light Meter
  • Understanding Zebra Level 70% and 100%
  • ND Filters
  • Tips on getting best Exposure
  • Understanding Gain
  • Recording Formats Overview


Chapter Two

Audio for Video

  • Using XLR Audio Cables
  • How to plug mics into your camera
  • Understanding Multiple Audio Channel recording
  • Mic and Line Explained
  • Plugging into PA Systems & Sound Boards
  • Mic ATT
  • 48V Phantom Power
  • Best Microphones  Lavalier and Shotgun Mics
  • Using Wireless Systems
  • Audio Trouble Shooting
  • How to monitor and adjust audio levels
  • Adapters which allow professional mics to be used on smaller video cameras and DSLRs

Chapter Three

Understanding White Balance

  • Using the Manual White Balance controls on your camera
  • Understanding "White Balance"
  • Using White Balance Pre sets
  • Automatic White balance
  • How to White Balance in "Mixed Lighting"
  • How to adjust White Balance using white cards

Chapter Four

Cameraperson as Story teller

  • Storytelling with Shots
  • Understanding Negative Space
  • How to frame Interview Shots
  • Getting Effective coverage
  • Importance of Close-ups
  • Basic Framing
  • Creating depth in your shots

Chapter Five

DSLR Video Overview

  • Frame Rates
  • Shutter Speeds
  • Exposure and Depth of Field
  • White Balance
  • ISO
  • Recording Formats
  • Audio for DSLR
  • Camera Rigs
  • Creating Picture Style for Color Grading

Over 95 minutes of training with real life examples shot on location

Cost $49.95 

Camera Essentials DVD
$4.50 S&H



DVworkshops offers Affordable Hands-on Video Workshops in Los Angeles and New York City












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