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Los Angeles Workshops

4-Day HD Video Crash Course

September  27-30     $695 More Info

2-Day Camera & Lighting Bootcamp         

September 27-28    $345  More Info

2-Day Final Cut Pro X Class                           

September 29-30    $445 More Info


4-Day HD Video Crash Course     

October 25-28   $695 More Info

2-Day Camera & Lighting Bootcamp         

October 25-26   $345  More Info

2-Day Final Cut Pro X Class                           

 October 27-28      $445 More Info










Now on VIdeo

Lectures and examples now available on-demand Video

Please clip above image for more info and Free Clip

Includes 20-minute DSLR VIDEO OVERVIEW

Free Sample includes:

  • How to film an interview
  • Understanding Negative Space
  • Correct framing
  • Best Microphones
  • How to use a lapel or Lavalier microphone
  • Intro to Zebras



Audio for DSLR & Video Cameras

including "Best Microphones"


Our Facebook page has Student Testimonials posted directly from their pages..and lots of Pictures from our workshops





Learn Final Cut Pro X

Multicam Editing in

10 Minutes

Learn Documentary and Corporate Video interview Techniques in 5 minutes

DVworkshops students shooting on the streets of New York City




 HD Video Crash Course

A Digital Video Course

No prior experience is needed

4-Day Crash course is made up of our Camera Bootcamp and our Final Cut Pro X course.  You may choose to attend all four days, or select just the Camera Bootcamp or FCP X Class.

First Two Days are dedicated to Location Video production. We begin each day with over two hours of hands-on professional Lighting exercises. The second day includes an afternoon of shooting in the beach area of Los Angeles or the Streets of New York City.

The Second Two days are devoted to the latest version of Final Cut Pro X. Hands-on, everyone is provided with a computer during class time.

4-Day workshop is $695 

2-Day Camera/ Lighting  Bootcamp  $345

2-Day Final Cut Pro X  $445

Student Testimonials

Link to Aron Ranen teaching final Cut Pro

Link to student testimonies on video

Class size is limited..
Call us at               (415) 810-5934        email


Students will learn:

The first two days cover professional lighting, sound, and the Camera Person as a storyteller. Exact Details Below

  • Basic Camera operation -Understand the Buttons on your Camera
  • DSLR Settings for Standard shooting and Magic Bullet
  • Hands-on Overview of Color Grading DSLR Footage using Magic Bullet Looks
  • Understanding Exposure and Color Temperature
  • Professional Lighting. Gels. Warming up shots, color correction
  • Using  C-Stands, Dimmers & Flagging Lights
  • Understanding Chimera/Soft box Use and Egg crates
  • How to Light the Perfect Interview
  • Dealing with Windows and  Mixed  lighting
  • Getting the right Coverage
  • Understanding Audio
  • Selecting the correct mics
  • Documentary pre-production and scripting
  • Interview techniques
  • The Cameraperson as Storyteller
  • Corporate Video, Training Video, Documentary, Marketing Video, and Web Video Approaches
  • The "Five Elements of Production"
  • Hands-on HD Camera use and tips
  • How to shoot an Interview
  • How to Script the Easy way...Write to the Bite
  • How to Log your clips and create an outline

    The Third and Fourth day are devoted to editing process with Final Cut Pro X

    • Understanding the New Interface
    • How to tell a story using the new FCP X interface
    • Best Keyboard Short-Cuts
    • Editing techniques and styles
    • Split edits
    • Multicam editing
    • The two ways to Condense an  interview
    • Montage
    • Story -Telling Editing Exercise
    • Audio Controls and Mixing
    • Creating Compound Clips
    • Using the Range Tool
    • Creating Multiple mages on the screen at the same time
    • Using key Frames to ramp up Effects
    • Using Key frames for Audio and video controls
    • Pan and zoom Still Photos
    • Using the Inspector
    • Creating a Music Mix
    • Understanding how to "break-up" Interviews with Live Action Footage
    • Exporting out of Final Cut Pro
    • Basic Color Correction
    • Creating Web-Ready Video files inside FCP X

    Final Cut Pro X Courses in Los Angeles

    Hands-on Lighting and Camera

  • Student Testimonials

     taking Aron's 4-Day DV Crash Course. Best course I've ever taken and best teacher I've ever had. I can't believe how much I learned about video in such a short time. I am raring to take on my next video for work and put some of what I learned into action. Thanks Aron, Doug, Chris and the rest of my classmates whose questions and enthusiasm gave me even more out of the class.

    Kevin Haslbeck  Calgary, Canada


    A tremendous experience with more knowledge imparted than I thought humanly possible. Thanks Aron. You are a superstar!

    Norm Robinson Fargo, North Dakota


    Aron is an awesome teacher... Walked out feeling capable and confident that I could tackle my project, finish it, and create a great story!!!

    MJ Perkins Los Angeles


    CLICK HERE to Watch a video clip of
    DVworkshops instructor Aron Ranen

    Class space is limited...computers and cameras can be provided during class time at no additional cost.
    call us at               (415) 810-5934        for details

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