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Los Angeles Workshops

4-Day  HD Video Crash Course

June 21-24     $695 More Info

2-Day Camera & Lighting Bootcamp         

June 21-22    $345  More Info

2-Day Final Cut Pro X Class                           

June 23-24    $445 More Info

4-Day HD Video Crash Course     

July 26-29     $695 More Info

2-Day Camera & Lighting Bootcamp         

July 26-27  $345  More Info

2-Day Final Cut Pro X Class                           

 July 28-29     $445 More Info










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Exceeded expectations is the box I'd check on the 4-day workshop I attended last week. Aron is a natural teacher and a master of his subject. The course material is well-organized, and Aron's energetic presentation is irresistible. I left with a new level of confidence and excitement, itching to get to work. I strongly recommend DVWorkshops.

Rick Barlow  Phoenix, Arizona


Just got back from Santa Monica after taking Aron's 4-Day DV Crash Course. Best course I've ever taken and best teacher I've ever had. I can't believe how much I learned about video in such a short time. I am raring to take on my next video for work and put some of what I learned into action. Thanks Aron, Doug, Chris and the rest of my classmates whose questions and enthusiasm gave me even more out of the class.

Kevin Haslbeck  Calgary, Canada


Mandy Leonardo
I took Aron's workshop last weekend. I majored in TV Production in college several years ago but needed a refresher. I learned more last weekend than I did in several semesters in school. Aron's knowledge and teaching skills are top notch. He teaches in a way that makes it very understandable while packing in a ton of information. Highly recommend if you are considering taking the class!

David Craig Forrest
I took Aron's DV workshop over the weekend and after 35 years as a make up artist in the film industry I was amazed at the phenomenal amount of new information that he teaches. It opened up a whole new world. I highly recommend this workshop to any one interested in shooting video or just interested in the process. He has a great sense of humor too! Great workshop! Fantastic!


Mariska Leyssius

Great class! learned so much in 4 days (“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.” Einstein) in this case was aron's engaging teaching style that made the 4 days go by so fast!! i feel so inspired!

Frans Koolike
Salute Aron
Hey man, I arrived well in Namibia. It was really an opportune time, for me to have come to attend your DV workshop. Big thanks for your practical and dynamic way of teaching, very inclusive and students oriented. I’m very happy with all my colleagues in class; it was such a good team. Let’s keep the fire burning by telling world stories through documentary filmmaking. I humble request any aspiring filmmaker editor and so forth to invest in the treasure of their leaning by attending any of the DV Workshop by Aron Ranen, especial my brothers and sisters from my home continent mother Africa. The world belong to the visual stories lets be part of narrator. Ciao!


Maryanne H
Aron was inspiring, articulate, and entertaining, and quite gracious in sharing some very exciting and bleeding-edge information. I learned enough about video production and FCP X in just 4 short days to start my own special projects. Definitely money well spent!!!


Penny Burciaga
My husband and I just finished the 2 day camera class and it was amazing! Aron is a gifted teacher who really knows his stuff. One of the best classes I've ever taken..can't wait to go back for more.

Mark Middlebrook
The best DV course in not the galaxy but the entire universe! I am 100% satisfied because Aron gives it all up. He's an effective unflagging teacher with a lot of heart and humor. I'll be back for



Emmett Todd Berg

For anyone with an inspiration for filmmaking, Aron Ranen's workshops will quickly ground you in the fundamentals and open up a world of possibilities. It's an action-packed spurt of days where Aron challenges his students to learn and then... display mastery over a range of topics. You get out of your comfort zone fast, but Aron's teaching style helps everything sink in. The result (for me) is confidence that I can see a project through to fruition and avoid costly, time-killing mistakes. Bravo, Aron!

A tremendous experience with more knowledge imparted than I thought humanly possible. Thanks Aron. You are a superstar!

Norm Robinson Fargo, North Dakota


Aron is an awesome teacher... Walked out feeling capable and confident that I could tackle my project, finish it, and create a great story!!!

MJ Perkins Los Angeles


I took Aron Ranen's 6-day workshop and it exceeded my expectations and hopes. I had some experience with video shooting and editing, but not enough. After this intense week of teaching and hands-on in lighting, shooting and editing, I have ...that boost of knowledge and confidence I needed when I chose to take Aron's course. He is a creative, funny, generous and sharp guy, and has massive knowledge and experience. I highly recommend DV Workshops. Thank you Aron.
Elena Baragione Communications Consultant Vancouver, Canada


" Aron..I must say your DV Crash course was way more than I expected. As a high school teacher, I have been in many workshops and have always learned something new. Sometimes the instructor was good and other times very boring. But after your 4 day course I learned more than any other workshop I have been to. Your method of teaching, reviewing and hands on learning was an absolute pleasure to see and participate. I feel you could actually teach some teachers how to teach. You combined great humor with real world examples, which made the class help and enjoyable. I am sure I will be seeing you again for another class to learn even more from you."


Keep up the good work, Chris Lorenz Valley View High School

" Such a great teaching technique that you can not help but learn from Aron.  His method is spot on. He's a wild, lively teacher and his no-holds barred style is entertaining and effective. There are phrases and lessons he uses that I'm sure are burned into my psyche for eternity :)"    
Dan Nierling  Professor  Hawkeye College  Idaho 


"I'm pretty sure Aron was a teacher's worst nightmare when he was in school. But that's probably because at some level, he knew could do a better job. If he ever thought that, he was right. Aron has the heart of a teacher. It's clear that he has a personal drive to cause each person in his class to learn.
And learn . . . WE DID!

What's amazing is that in the 4 Day Crash Course, there were students at all levels of expertise and Aron was able to help all of us move forward in significant and satisfying ways. It was remarkable how he constantly related individual concepts to specific applications for each person in the class throughout the day as a way of reinforcing ideas.

The dopamine flowed with his fresh, caffeinated, funny, irreverent style even when things got highly technical and challenging for some of us. He also made sure to have teaching assistants to help us with hands-on application during filming and editing so that no one was lost.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I now see the world differently. Last night I was at a music jam session with a bunch of amateur musicians. While I enjoyed watching them do their thing, I was seeing the whole night through the lens of an HD camera, thinking about the storyline; a narration that would actually tie back to the services I provide in my work; lighting in a small dark basement, cool cutaway shots; still shots of each player from his past; and imagining how I would cut this all together in Final Cut Pro X for a compelling story that would make each musician proud.
Thanks Aron."  
Dave Barrs Atlanta, GA
January 2012 Crash Course Student

"You are probably the best teacher I've had in any subject and I just wanted to thank you again -- you are passionate about what you do, have great energy and your class really inspired me to do more in editing.


I started film school in January (a 9 month certificate course at Boston University) and recently finished. For my final project I did a short documentary on a guy learning how to drive for the first time at age 32. It just got accepted into a film festival in Boulder which I'm excited about especially being a first project and having directed, produced and edited it myself. Anyway, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for everything and let you know that you had a huge impact on me.
Film Asha made in the 6-Day Workshop..Pena Pachamama 
Asha made this video in our 6-Day  Workshop
"Pena Pachamama"

Hope you're enjoying LA!"

Asha Mevlana
Link to film she made in our 6-day course




Our four-day workshop with Aron was a really great, really practical and really friendly way to learn about shooting, lighting and editing video. Aron gave us the all the lessons that a pro would know – mistakes to avoid, tips to
remember, equipment to use. The class was completely casual but filled with great points to remember, which Aron repeated often so we wouldn't forget them. We love that Aron sent us into the field on the second day to shoot and record, and that we were editing our own material on days 3
and 4. And Aron is completely generous with his knowledge, including all the newsletters he publishes for students. We'll put what we learned to good use over and over again.

Thanks Aron!

Dale and Tom Lowery

"After completing a one-year course at the New York Film Academy, I decided to brush up on my editing skills by attending Aron’s Final Cut Pro weekend intensive.  Wow, do I wish I had saved my tuition money and just attended Aron’s camera and lighting courses as well!  I was shocked at how simple he managed to make a program that had previously been presented to me in such a complicated and confusing manner.  Better still, Aron was at once entertaining and informative. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes they could learn the art of filmmaking without taking out a loan to do so."

Dan Sullivan

"I have been waiting for a long time for someone to come along and show me the ABC's of Film making. I live in Los Angeles. I don't have the time or the money to be sitting in a school for 1 or 2 years. You would expect there to be lots of different classes in Los Angeles but I found nothing. I had to fly to San Francisco where I found Aron. Aron has an amazing method. He teaches you in a way that you can never forget. I walked away learning everything from lighting, microphones, interviews, storytelling, using a camera & most of all editing with the HD industry standard FCP as well as learning to make my own DVD's! Aron is an amazing, funny, brilliant teacher. He loves connecting people & sharing his knowledge. Thank you, Aron!"

Qumaru Nisa

"Aron... I wanted to let you know that, after going through your workshop last February, I made the mistake of enrolling in a traditional film school. Dude, very bad idea! Even though it was a hands on school where you're actually handling equipment for the entire one-year program, I still only lasted 1 semester before I dropped out. I still have friends who work at the school so I'd prefer if you didn't mention my name, but please let your students know that, even after completing half of a hands-on film school program (with a 4.0 GPA mind you) I still feel like I learned as much (or more, seriously!) and felt more confident after your 6-day course than after 4 intensive months in film school! Keep doing what your doing man! Immersion education with teachers who have actually succeeded professionally in their field (instead of just ducking out in academia) is the way to go!!!!"

Yours, A former Student

"Just wanted to keep you up to date on what I'm doing as a
graduate from one of your classes -- Got a $15,000 grant from Texas A&M to shoot the fisher stuff. The UN Environmental program partially funded A Fisher's Journey, which has been shown on tv in the Caribbean, as well as being used by UNEP and other NGO's in the region.

Here's a link to my vimeo page --

I shot much of it, directed and edited all of it. THANKS, I couldn't have done it without your workshop.



All my life I've been looking for a course that allowed me to improved my professional and technical skills as a  TV journalist. Finding the right place wasn't easy until i got lucky and discovered Aron's workshop.

Attending to Aron's classes is a tremendous and wonderful experience you will never forget. It was for me the BEST choice I ever made!!!. All the knowledge i learned helped me to be ready to create things on my own, and the most important is that I lost the fear to shoot and produce documentaries by myself...

I traveled from Ecuador ( South America ) to San Francisco just to attend to his class and I will do it again!!! .

I recommend this workshop 100%

Veronica Mino
TV Journalist.  Ecuador


I recently took Aron's workshop and it was
ompletely as advertised.
I learned more in the four days than I would have in four months on
my own. I went to my local bookstore when I got
home and was thumbing through a 300+ page Final Cut Pro book and
I was amazed at how much of the material we had covered in the
hands-on two day FCP portion of the workshop. I understood exactly whathe book was trying to do only Aron's methods were even simpler.
 Great course. \
 Highly recommended.

Thanks again for a great workshop.
Gregg McPherson Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I took Aron's  Final Cut Pro class and was very pleased on how he taught the class. After purchasing Final Cut Pro, I had a few sessions at the Apple store. I still was not getting it. I was thinking about hiring a one on one tutor, but when I searched for final cut pro workshops in San Francisco, I saw Aron's Final Cut Pro 2 day workshop and immediately signed up for his class. I'm sure glad I did. I know Final Cut Pro well and now can edit my own movies. Aron has a different way of teaching. He has high energy, great personality, gets the students involved, and he is very funny. He won't continue the next lesson, until each students gets it. He also showed us some of his documentaries and taught us a little about filmmaking. He's probably the best instructor I have EVER had! Aron has a gift in teaching. The tuition was very reasonable compared from other Final Cut Pro classes taught in San Francisco. I'm planning on taking his video/lighting class in January."

Karen Clark

I have taken many courses on many topics but DV CRASH tops the list for energy, pace, content density and practical knowledge. Aron knows his stuff, knows how to communicate it and knows how to keep a classroom hopping. Maybe best of all, Aron Ranen loves filmmaking and shares that passion in his teaching. If you want to be entertained and learn how to entertain or educate or earn with DV like a pro, TAKE THIS COURSE.

Roy McCord, Professor Physical Sciences and Technologies, Irvine Valley College, Irvine, CA

As a full time professor in one of the most highly regarded research
universities, I think I know a little about what makes a good teacher.
Aron Ranen is a great teacher and a premiere adult educator! What
emerges from his documentary course is his ability to create a natural
learning environment, get the students attention and keep it, provides the atmosphere that questions are crucial, and with warmth and humor expects more from students who have little to no knowledge of the filmmaking world. Ultimately, Aron's hands on teaching creates diverse learning experiences. The brain loves diversity...cameras, composition, lights, audio, gels, outdoor and indoor shooting. Hands on training is, of course, the best way to learn just about anything. There's only so far a manual can take you, and then you've got to simply plunge in,
and make your own mistakes. At the DVworkshops, mistakes are
not only allowed, they are encouraged. What Richard Feynman
is to the teaching of physics, Aron Ranen is to the teaching of documentary filmmaking. They begin with simple generalizations and concepts and then move toward both complexity and specificity with a childlike giddiness. After this class, you will enter the digital world and never want to return to ordinary reality!

Rafael C. Angulo
University of Southern California
School of Social Work
Associate Clinical Professor

"Thank you so much for sharing your expertise at the 2-day digital video workshop. The workshop was a revelation! I've taken courses in multimedia and digital imaging, and this class is a real leap forward. Although I had reviewed the tips on your website, your presentations and exercises allowed me to absorb them so much more thoroughly than was possible simply by reading. Yesterday's shooting and your critique also brought your points home, by letting me in make nearly every mistake you had warned about, and see the consequences onscreen. I recommend your workshop to anyone with an interest in making quality video, in expanding a photographic career, or in using video in marketing on the web.

Best wishes for still more success as video guru."

Beth Charlesworth

"I just wanted to write to you and commend you on your great workshop, DV Crash Course that I recently took. I got more out of this workshop then any recent class or workshop that I have attended and I want to thank you for that. Your hands on approach to teaching and the knowledge you share is worth much more than the cost of the course. You explained the how, what and why of digital video recording, visual story telling and more importantly the ease in which you make Final Cut Pro appear makes this once daunting program easy to understand. With a bit more experience I am beginning to really understand this program and feel it will soon be like any other program that I have mastered.

Being a freelance still photographer working for magazines, newspapers and wire services I began to see the writing on the wall as to where my industry was headed and began to gain an interest in video work. Not knowing where to start with instruction and learning I began to scourer the web looking for online tutorials. I soon began to realize that I needed more than the online tutorials and needed some real hands on training. Seeing you at a recent multi-media workshop convinced me that you were the " go to guy" for in-depth training. More research about you only convinced me that you are definitely the video guru and I immediately signed up for your class.

Thank you again for making the class very enjoyable, entertaining and most importantly a highly learning experience. Your humor, delivery and the innovative approach you have to teaching the important points that everyone needs to know about visual story telling and this ever changing industry was a welcome change from the recent classes I have taken.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to advance in the visual story telling world to not think twice about taking your class and sign up right away. Thank you for all you do for the industry."

David Paul Morris

"I wanted to thank you for such and inspiring, informative and exhausting! workshop last month. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye and thank you. I want you to know that it confirmed a big change in my life to focus on being involved in meaningful media. I returned home, gave my notice, and will begin working for a media company in August. Thanks so much for the jump start and the highly engaging and entertaining teaching."

Best to you!

Lisa Doherty from Colorado

"Wow! I'm so glad I took the Documentary really deliver on your promises. I got the knowledge and skills I was seeking so I can complete several video projects that I've been inspired to do.

But better than that, my son Noah found his life path and is happier than I've seen in him a long time. He came to the class with me just for a fun break from college. He got a lot more than just an interesting experience! You not only teach video production, you transform lives at the most fundamental level.

Thanks for being a funny, effective, wise teacher....I can't believe how much I learned in such a short time. I hope you'll offer more upper level workshops soon. I'll happily sign up for any class you offer!"

With gratitude,
Nancy Hill

"Before I took the six day intensive course at DVWorkshops, I was a typical college student mulling my way through school without a strong sense of purpose or direction. Aron’s workshop changed all that. Aron not only gives you a strong basis in the technical aspects of filmmaking, but also serves as an extremely valuable example of a successful professional in a highly creative field. The fact that he gives you more in six days than most programs give you in one or two semesters is incredibly valuable in and of itself. But he also makes it a point to show you what to do with the information that you’ve learned and that, for me, is what really sets DVWorkshops apart. As a result of taking Aron’s course, I’ve decided to pursue film not just as an area of study but also as a career, and I feel that my prospects are much greater now than they would have been before. Whether you’re a college student like me or already an active member of society, anyone who has the desire to discover a more creative field of work would be very well served to attend a DV workshop with Aron. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

Noah T. Smith

"As a professional infiltrator, video is a big part of my job. When I needed to learn Final Cut Aron Ranen's class was the perfect solution. Unlike other workshops that cram information down your throat, I found Aron's class to be both highly  informative and entertaining, with unique teaching methods that makes the information stick!  Hurrah for Aron!"

Harmon Leon (author of National Lampoon's Road Trip USA,)

"Aron is the best friend an aspiring filmmaker can have.  His DV Workshop Basic is fast, fun and easy on the wallet.  By the third lesson we were editing our own footage on Final Cut Pro!  And there's a madness to the method:  Aron mixes his Hollywood savvy and artistic sense with a totally warped sense of humor.  You'll love his comfy new Mission District studios, too!

Carl Russo, Film Journalist
(Oakland Tribune, indieWIRE)

"Hey Aron:

In spring of 2004 I took your Basic DVD class.  (I'm the guy whose quote
appears at the top of your testimonials web page).  I thought you'd like to know that I've had modest success with my super-short comedy, "Baby Pepper", which I shot and edited using the techniques you teach.

As of this writing, "Baby Pepper" has been accepted at nine film festivals
in such cities as Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, Edinburgh (Scotland), and Melbourne (Australia).  In September, 2005, I screened it at the Milano Film Festival in Italy.

It was really a cheap production, and my technical skills are still close to
'beginner' status, but I thought your students would like to know how far
you can get with a simple idea and a good DV class."

Here's the film web site:


Carl Russo

"Aron, Your lessons were perfectly formatted, practical, easy to comprehend and ideally suited to my professional needs.  You took the mystery out of this marvelous program (Final Cut Pro 4.0) and made it an extremely useful and productive tool."

Greg Lefevre, Independent Correspondent, San Francisco. Former CNN San Francisco Bureau Chief and Correspondent


"I just wanted to say what a great experience I had in you documentary workshop. The amount covered was amazing - lighting, audio, the camera, what makes a good story & documentary, Final Cut, documentary highlights.... And have taken and delivered a lot of technical classes, I have to say you are an incredible teacher!. I will never think of that red overlay button as anything but the blood of the Jews building pyramids..and the A is for Aron text button - you've got some great memory aids. But I have forgotten the one question we aren't allowed to call you on.

Seriously though you have the patience of a saint, dealing with the various people and their anxieties, and you really put your all into wanting us to get it. The structure of the class was perfect - throwing us right into filming the second day (before I had time to think about being intimidated). I appreciated you inviting Bruce over to give us his take on good documentaries and our stories. And you went over and above the call of duty powering  through the creation of my video, taking it to the bitter end with voice over and music. Even though I thought I didn't care, I was proud to have a take home - though my daughters just mocked me.

THe week flew and all my technical and creative brain cells have been jumpstarted! I hope I don't lose the momentum. I am a day away from getting a PD150 on Ebay, and Final Cut is on its way!

Thanks again, and thanks for keeping your website up to date with all that info!"


"Aron's two day Final Cut Pro course is a wonderful immersion into both Final Cut and non-linear editing.  If you are looking to get up to speed, fast, on Final Cut and the basic concepts of non-linear video editing techniques and practices, look no further."

Robert Labatt
Ezboard, inc.

"Aron Ranen is a fabulous instructor! . Entertaining, articulate, skilled and insightful.  Aron totally demystifies the field of digital video and empowers students (with varying skill sets) with tools and techniques within a matter of hours.  Take this class and have a great time learning."

M.S. Communications Consultant

"Hey Aron, Thanks a lot for the DV Workshop. I learned a lot of good stuff! Well, I'm excited about making films and I appreciate your work to make an affordable DV Workshop for beginners. Thanks again." 

Chris Mercer

"Aron, Thanks for the great workshop. Your lectures on lighting, sound and interviewing techniques were just what I needed and have saved me hours of reading books. The Saturday field trip to fisherman's wharf to interview people was a great hands-on learning experience. The Final Cut Pro lectures covered what I needed to get started. I have been putting off learning this software because the interface is intimidating but your lectures provided just the right amount of detail - logging and capture, editing video and audio, effects and titling and creating DVD's. A big reason I took your class was the price - compared to other classes in SF this class was very affordable. Best of luck with your future classes. I'll definitely recommend it to friends." 

L. Picardo, Phd

"Last night was the first session of the class I'm taking, "Documentary Video Production", at the Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco. I had a great time. The instructor, Aron Ranen, is a blast. He's a very interesting person to watch, and he knows his stuff. I'm not just saying that because he liked my documentary idea, or because he told me that the idea was too good to do with my old, one chip camcorder. But neither of those things hurt him in my estimation. Aron offers lots instruction in digital video. Check out his workshops page for more details. I feel I can highly recommend them. So I went ahead and ordered the GL2 from B&H. Aron was more of a fan of the Sony cameras, but I don't think he's seen a GL2. But I did look at the TRV950 and the PD150 before ordering. I still like the Canon best, for the price. The 20x optical zoom, built in ND filter, frame shooting mode and clean sound put it well ahead of the TRV950. And while the PD150 is clearly a better camera, I'm not sure it's $1000 better, at least for my needs. Plus, I'm used to Canon. Next week I'll bring it to class and we can do a camera bake-off. The best part of last night's class was the lighting exercise. I really liked the way Aron worked hard to make sure everyone did a little hands-on work with the lighting equipment. And while I'd read about three point lighting before, it's really amazing to see what it can do. I know now that I'm going to have to put together decent lights for the interview sections of the documentary. I really want the folks who speak to look good. Next week we learn about cameras and sound. I'm really looking forward to it." 

M. P.

"Your video workshop in Final Cut Pro was one of the best classes I have had. You introduced so much in a short time but in a way that it really made me understand the entire process from A to Z. Spending a day-all day- doing our own video in groups and then working on it was beautiful. Each day was a step towards the making of a video.

It was amazing how a group of 12 of us, some very experienced and some less, and me very inexperienced, all progressed ahead.  You really are one of the most giving instructors I have ever had. You make sure each one understands no matter how long it takes.

I was so motivated and encouraged I grew from thinking about just making fun home movies of trips to making a documentary about the breast cancer of myself and my friends! It will be a challenge and take me time but I know I can do it. All I need is help along the way when I forget or get confused. At age 70 my memory is a bit weird (though I never did have a good one) but I really do understand once I see it and do it over and over. By the time I finish this project I should really know all the basics quite well.

They say learn new things as you get older, like a language or crossword puzzles. This is far more fun, sort of like chess, which I love!

I am so glad Elena suggested we take your workshop. Keep up your good work, you really are an amazing man with so much energy and heart as well as humor. You cannot imagine how happy I feel to finally have a project I feel strongly about! Keep it open to all ages sizes and shapes!

I hope other souls out there join your class! Just think, from the talented high school students in the group, on up to me. We were such a varied group and all progressed from where we were at.

Thank you and keep up the good work."

Vivi Wiitala

"The Basic DV workshop was excellent.  Aron is a thoughtful and enthusiastic teacher who is extremely knowledgeable in his field.  As a teacher myself, I appreciated the the well organized classes and presentations and the careful attention to each of the students needs. I certainly recommend this workshop to anyone who is considering entering the world of video film making."

E. Sheehan

"This class kicks ass! It wastes no time on the non-essential. Aron shares his thirty years of experience in a direct, hands on way and nets it down so you get what you need to to make your own professional quality video right now. His teaching style is easy and humorous and he takes great personal interest in each of his students. The kicker is the ridiculously low price. Twenty- five hours of learning for $195. You do the math. You've spent all the money on the gear. Now do yourself a favor and learn how to use it."

M Wombacher

"I attended Aron's Basic DV Workshop in February 2004.  After a few lectures to introduce us to the basics of lighting, sound, and camerawork, we went straight into the field to practice what we learned.  Aron's informative and entertaining lectures had us well prepared to capture good footage.  The remaining lectures were spent discussing our footage and doing a lot of editing with Final Cut Pro.  This class afforded me the opportunity to get a lot of hands on experience with high end digital video equipment and learn from someone who's worked with DV for over 30 years.   Another great thing about this class is the price - you're not going to find quality instruction like this at such a cheap price anywhere else."

E. Lin

"I justed wanted to say that the DV Basics workshop was fantastic. I really learned a lot from those sessions. I've just installed Final Cut Pro yesturday and started to pay with it again. Its amazing how much I still remembered from the workshop (i.e Magic Peter Pan Play Head, Buddist Meditation Tables, I for in and O for out). At some point, I'd like to go even deeper into what Final Cut Pro has to offer."

Larry Ng

"Hey Aron,  Thanks again for the class. It's the first time I left a class and remembered almost everything. You must be doing something right.

My G5 arrived yesterday and I was able to cut a video that I shot last month, burn it onto DVD and then show it that evening to a cheering crowd at The Canvas. Very cool."


I took Aron's Final Cut Pro Weekend class and learned more in two days than I did during most college semesters.  Aron's teaching methods are not only effective, but they make the class fun, too.  You can take someone else's FCP class and spend three times as much, but why throw your money away?  Plus, Aron makes the best coffee this side of Seattle.   


D. Parsons
San Jose 


"I really enjoyed your "bootcamp" dv worshop.  I learned so much, information re-enforcing and creating a better understanding of what I had learned previously, as well as, completely new info.  Great informal, but focused group.  You brought it all together.  I must admit that I began running our of steam late afternoon, even though YOUR energy seemed to be energizing and infinite.  Thanks for a great day!  Looking forward to future encounters!"

Claudine Le Moal

"Gearing up for a documentary shoot at the end of the summer, I flew
myself and my project's camera man to DVworkshops.  Our goals were to learn, to practice communicating with each other, and to network.  Aron went above and beyond to make sure that each of those goals was not only met, but practically perfected. Having never used final cut pro at the end of the week I felt like a veteran.  Aron was an incredible teacher and very receptive to everyone's questions.

I have to admit that the workshops "sink or swim" approach to having us
actually film a short Documentary on the streets of San Fran seemed a
little intimidating before I arrived.  However, after observing about 2
minutes of Aron's "hyper-friendly" personality" my worries quickly
subsided.  If you are worried about "sinking" the way I was....don't
be!  Aron is the best life guard in town!!

My camera guy and I, in fact learned so much that in only one weeks
time (the week immediately after the workshop!) we were able to step
off the plane, take some footage, and edit together a 1-minute trailer
for our city's film festival taking place that very weekend (The
Athens, GA film festival). Not only did the festival accept our trailer, and not only did we get to see our work on the big screen....but our trailer was the only one out of three that received thunderous applause after it!  I transfer those applause to Aron Ranen, and the rest of the gang at DVworkshops!
You will not regret taking this class!"

Logan Smalley and Dylan Wilson
Director and Camera of the project

"I really enjoyed your FCP class and couldn't wait to get home to start editing my project.  You combined a whole semester's worth of information in two days, and then made it fun.  I really enjoyed the hands on approach to your teaching and I look forward to taking additional classes from you.  Thanks again."

.."Yes, I enjoyed your class. If I leave a class feeling like I can win using what was taught, then I know I have a winner for a teacher/mentor! If I leave feeling I have the power to successfully create, then I know I have a powerful and creative influence beside me. My dream has always been to create not only lovely but meaningful images. Movie making with Final Cut Pro as taught by you has given me that edge. I know I can continue to create in a new (for me) arena."

Cynthia Nichols

"I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for the video training this past weekend.  I never learned so much over a short period of time (& remembered it). Your experience, dedication, and passion for video made this a fantastic learning experience all the while having fun.  Thanks for everything."

Best Regards,

Eric Marcussen


"...You took a really complex program and got us up and running in no time, particularly for those of us already familiar with keyframing. I just wanted you to know that I appreciated your effort and that I think you've got a great system for teaching the program and video editing. I've recommended the class to a couple of my peers."

Thanks again,
Mike Lollar


As a print journalist, I found Aron's DV workshop very valuable. I began the workshop with some ability to use a camera and edit and left feeling a lot more confident about my expertise in both. Most importantly, I learned visual story-telling techniques that I would never have thought of using without Aron's guidance.

Aron is a patient instructor who takes time with each student and makes sure each learns the material. I had attended several broadcast and video courses at community colleges before attending the DV workshop. I learned more in a week with Aron than I ever did in a full semester elsewhere.
I highly recommend the class for print reporters who want to make a transition to new media.  -- Valerie Jeanne Alvord, Fallbrook, CA.


Images from our 6-Day
Documentary / Journalist Video Workshop

Lea w camerasam and homeless


walker and lealed

austin representsled
Change for Coffee?...A film by Sam Lea
Sam completed this in just six days..what a subject he found!. This short portrait of one homeless man and his "issues" is brutally honest.

Sam chose to include a short funny cameo of me and his subject at the end of the video..check it out. Click image below to view on Youtube.

The Real Sour Dough Bread...A Film by Teresa Hicks
You gotta watch this just for her visuals...great videography from a first time filmmaker!....Teresa reveals the real story behind why Sour Dough Bread is "sour"  and the answer is pretty cool.

Teresa traveled from Alaska, sent by the Alaska Native Tribal Health learn video in order to educate Native people's on health care issues.  Bravo Teresa!  Great Movie.



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