Aron, I have been a college art professor for 37 years and have taught all over the country and so when I tell you- I think you are the best teacher on the planet, well, this is not just loose talk or hyperbole. What an astonishing four days you provided for us all! I have tried, on and off, to learn Final Cut Pro X on my own for a few years now, and I was frustrated and mystified until your class. You took us step by careful step and now, four days later, so it all makes sense. The lighting part of your video/camera-handling/Final Cut ProX crash course was brilliant. I will never look at a film the same way again, or shoot without thinking about the lighting in my shots all the subtle ways your showed us. Best, for me, was the conceptual stuff-- 'write for the bite', three ways to tell a story, how to do meaningful interviews, five ways to open a film...You are a wildly intelligent, humorous, generous, inventive and original teacher and you unpack all the material in such a thoughtful way. Your four day course is a real achievement and will truly change the rest of my film-making life. Thanks again with all my heart.

Barbara Jo Revelle  Gainseville , Florida